INCIBE collaborates in the JNIC 2017 in Madrid



For the third consecutive year, the National Cybersecurity Research Conference (JNIC) are held in Spain. JNIC is a national forum where the various actors working in the field of Cybersecurity research (mainly universities, technology and research centers, companies and government bodies) will have the opportunity to exchange their work, ideas and experiences, with the common goal of promoting research in the area of cybersecurity at the national level, facilitating the establishment of collaborations and technology transference.

The third edition of JNIC will take place in Madrid, on 31 May, 1 and 2 June 2017, organized by the Rey Juan Carlos University with the collaboration of the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE). INCIBE as a key player in the area of cybersecurity, coordinates actions and efforts with other national and international public and private organizations that work in this area, supporting research and innovation to generate knowledge and technology that meets the needs and challenges aroused by cyber-threats and cyber-attacks.

The conference offers a great opportunity for the Cybersecurity Sector to conduct research and innovation to materialize them in products and services of value that promote the digital trust of citizens, the Spanish academia and research network as well as companies, especially strategic sectors.

This year, the Conference focuses primarily on three areas of work:

  1. Research in Cybersecurity.
  2. Training and educational innovation in cybersecurity.
  3. Technological transference in Cybersecurity (through the Challenges that will arise during the Conference)

Two types of contributions will be accepted for publication in any subject related to Cybersecurity Research or Educational Training and Innovation. In any case, the authors commit themselves to present the papers accepted during the conference.

  1. Articles (maximum 8 pages): Original scientific contributions.
  2. Extended abstracts (maximum 2 pages). Describing among others:
  • Work in progress, starting projects, development of tools or software, etc.
  • Summaries of scientific results already published during 2016 or 2017.
  • Results of student works (PFC, TFG, TFM or PhD thesis) eligible for the prize to be awarded during the Conference.

The call for papers is open until March 13, 2017.

During the Conference the following prizes will be awarded (without economic endowment):

  1. Best research article
  2. Best article of training and educational innovation.
  3. Best extended abstract.
  4. Best student work (PFC, TFG, TFM or PhD thesis).

In addition, INCIBE will select from the works awarded at the JNIC those that best represent the spirit of the event CyberCamp 2017, (mostly technical and innovative), and will receive an invitation to present their work in person at that event.

For more information, check the Conference’s website:


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