INCIBE starts a project subsidized by the European Union for the development of incident response and intelligence capabilities in cybersecurity

European project CERT-C3IS

INCIBE has started the project “Strengthening the capabilities of CERTSI in Spain to improve cooperation and the exchange of intelligence in the European Union". Thanks to that, INCIBE will improve the CERTSI services for the prevention, mitigation and early response to cyber-incidents in the field of companies, citizen and critical infrastructure operators. Likewise, cyberintelligence, situational awareness and early warning activities will be strengthen as well to provide enhanced services.

This two-year project will enhance cooperation and coordination with other European counterparts CERT of the European Network: CSIRT-Network, through the on-premises deployment of new tools of the Central Cybersecurity Services Platform (CSP) known as MeliCERTes.

On February 12, 2018 INCIBE was informed that its project proposal had been selected, together with another 10, to be funded with an amount of € 999,261 (project budget € 1,316,250). Since that date, the signing of the Grant Agreement with the European Commission has been completed, a necessary previous step to start the project.

The financing line comes from the Connect Europe Facility (CEF), within the CEF-Telecom Call 2017 program, which is a key EU funding instrument to promote growth, employment and competitiveness through specific infrastructure investments at European level. Currently, Spain is the fourth country with the highest economic return. 

The project proposal was submitted to the specific call 2017 CEF Telecom Call - Cyber Security (CEF-TC-2017-2) (part of the CEF-Telecom Work Program 2017), whose objective is the development of the capacity of national CERTs designated by the Member States in accordance with the Directive on the Security of Networks and Information Systems (Directive (EU) 2016/1148) known as the "NIS Directive".  As regards the CEF-TELECOM subprogram, Spain has obtained more than 12 million euros, thanks to 32 projects financed since 2014, ranking first in the participating countries list (provisional results).

image co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union

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