Spain and Italy sign collaboration agreement to boost European cybersecurity

INCIBE and ACN join forces to better respond to emerging cybersecurity challenges. 

Félix Barrio

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), a dependent body of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Function, through the State Secretariat for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, and the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out joint actions and initiatives to develop the culture of cybersecurity in both countries and to strengthen capacities to face the growing and increasingly common challenges in this sector. This agreement also represents a firm commitment to the exchange of, and search for, synergies between the cyber ecosystems of the two countries, both in the industrial and research fields. 

Within the Spanish Government’s 'Digital Spain 2026' initiative, in axis 04, measure 16 establishes the goal of promoting Spain as an international hub in the cybersecurity field. INCIBE, as the entity responsible for boosting Spain's international visibility in cybersecurity, actively participates in initiatives that promote the achievement of this goal. This is why INCIBE encourages collaboration with different European and international stakeholders through various actions that allow Spain to position itself as a leader in the cybersecurity sector. 

In this regard, both institutions express their commitment to developing a strong and resilient digital security awareness and their willingness to work together to address emerging challenges in the digital landscape. 
Félix Barrio, Director General of INCIBE, highlighted a “significant step” that the signing of this memorandum represents: "This agreement will not only strengthen the resilience of citizens and businesses, but also promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, thus contributing to a more robust global cybersecurity ecosystem".
"We are pleased with this agreement - stated the ACN Director General Bruno Frattasi - strengthening state cooperation, within a framework of European cohesion, is fundamental to effectively counteract a global risk such as cyber risk".


Strengthening citizen and business protection

The signed agreement, which is valid for one year and renewable for a maximum of four years, aims to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of citizens, SMEs and the self-employed. In addition, the promotion of industry, research and development (R&D) and capacity building in cybersecurity, including activities, projects and initiatives established by the National Coordination Centre of the European Commission's European Centre of Competence in Cybersecurity (ECCC). It is worth mentioning that both INCIBE and ACN are  National Coordination Centres (NCC) in their respective countries of the European Centre of Competence in Cybersecurity (ECCC).

Another important feature is the boosting of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the cybersecurity sector and mutual support for the development of strategic projects, initiatives and their implementation. Likewise, both INCIBE and ACN will exchange information, best practices, experiences and lessons in the field of cybersecurity.