What is INCIBE

The S.M.E. Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute M.P., S.A. (INCIBE) is an institution dependant of the Ministry of Digital Transformation through the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, is the entity of reference for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust of citizens, the Spanish academic and research network (RedIRIS) and companies, especially for strategic sectors.

As a centre of excellence, INCIBE is an instrument of the Government for the development of cybersecurity as an engine of social transformation and an opportunity for innovation. With its activities based on research, the provision of services and the coordination with agents with competencies in the area, INCIBE leads cybersecurity activities at a national and international level.

INCIBE-CERT is the security incident response centre of reference for citizens and private entities in Spain operated by the National Institute of Cybersecurity, under the Ministry of Digital Transformation Transformation through the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence.

In the case of incident management affecting critical private sector operators, INCIBE-CERT is jointly operated by INCIBE and OCC, the Ministry of the Interior's Cybersecurity Coordination Office.

INCIBE-CERT is one of the reference incident response teams that coordinates with the rest of the national and international teams to improve efficiency in the fight against crimes involving networks and information systems, reducing their effects on public security.


INCIBE's mission responds to the basic question "why does it exist?", and is set by its Board of Directors in accordance with the general strategy of the Spanish Government and current legislation on cybersecurity.

INCIBE's mission is:

  • To improve the cybersecurity and digital trust of citizens, minors and private companies in Spain.
  • To protect and defend Spain's citizens, minors and private companies.
  • To strengthen the Spanish cybersecurity industry.
  • To promote Spanish R&D&I in cybersecurity.
  • To identify, generate, attract and develop professionals in the cybersecurity sector.

Our mission is to be a driving force for the digital transformation of society, protecting citizens, minors and private companies in Spain and fostering the cybersecurity industry, R&D&I and talent.


INCIBE’s vision is:

  • That the level of cybersecurity of citizens and businesses is among the five best in the world.
  • That the innovation and supply of products, services and professionals related to cybersecurity in Spain is considered among the five best in the world.
  • To position INCIBE as a European benchmark in the field of cybersecurity.


INCIBE's values constitute the framework of behaviour, beyond the ethics and social responsibility required of any organisation, that the Board of Directors establishes for INCIBE and all its employees:

  • Vocation of public service
  • Neutral and collaborative spirit
  • Proactivity and flexibility
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Accountable and transparent performance
  • National and international collaboration

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