CyberScouts Competitions

Compete and become a real CyberScout

What better way to learn than playing?

In CyberScouts competitions the whole family will be able to compete and enjoy different challenges that will show who knows the most about cybersecurity and, most importantly: learn how to safely use Internet services. The winners of each competition will receive a prize. We offer the following activities:

  • CyberScouts App: 24 children, limited time and different challenges in the form of games, videos and questions. These are the ingredients which will lead one of the participants to success. Recommended age: 6+
  • CyberScouters App: Who knows more: you or your child? Test your cybersecurity knowledge through the challenge app we recommend for adults. Recommended age: 14+
  • Junior Gymkhana: The youngest ones can also show their skills by resolving little challenges within a team on the dangers of the net, there's nothing better than learning while playing with friends! Recommended age: 5+
  • Young Gymkhana: As well as learning about cybersecurity, they'll also develop teamwork skills, as well as doing exercises covering the whole marquee! Recommended age: 12+
  • Teamwork games: Which team knows the most about cybersecurity? Children or parents? Your class or mine? Speed, communication and knowledge are the key to winning these games.
    • Cyberquestion:  Five teams, limited time and a set of questions related to security and privacy on the internet. Recommended age: +10
    • Hangman:  Solve the letters of the hidden message before ending up hanged! Recommended age: Whole family
    • Cybermemory:  Test your memory and get match cybersecurity concepts. Recommended age: Whole family

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