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5 June 2017

Time Presentation Speakers
9:30 Accreditation  
10:00 Opening Ideli Salvatti Secretary of Access to Rights and Equity: OEA
María del Pilar del Olmo (Regional Treasure and Finance Minister Government)
Antonio Silván Mayor of León
José María Lassalle (Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda)
10:30 "A project for Gender Equality" María Luisa de Contes
General Secretary of the Renault Group in Spain
11:00 Keynote Lea Kaspar
Global Partner Digital’s – GPD
11:30 Keynote Soledad Antelada
Cybersecurity Work and Research - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
12:00 Coffee Break  
12:30 "We Are Queen Doers!" Cristina Aranda
(Marketing Director at Intelygenz. Founder of "Mujeres Tech")
13:00 Panel 1: Opportunities for professional development
in the world of Cybersecurity. Presentation of success stories.
Moderator: José Antonio Rubio (Member of the Organising Committee for Mujeres Líderes de las Américas - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)
Karin Galli (Support Escalation Engineer - Microsoft)
Silvia Barrera (UIT Spanish National Police)
Sandra Bardón (ISDEFE)
Mar López (Head of Security Office & IT at DSN)
14:00 Presentation of the project "Forum Mujeres por la Ciberseguridad" Soledad Romero
Consulting and IT Security Manager at Ingenia
14:30 Lunch  
16:00 Panel 2: The importance of gender diversity in the areas of technology and Cybersecurity.
What can we do from the education sector, private sector and the associations?
Moderator: Carmen González Guinda (Congresswoman of the Education Commission)
Ángel de Miguel Casas (President of the Board of State Schools)
Fernando Rey (Regional Minister of Education of the Regional Government of Castilla y León)
Giovanna G. de Calderón (President of Mujeres para el Diálogo y la Educación)
María Luisa Melo (Public Affairs & Communication Director Huawei)
17:00 Panel 3: The role of Public-Private collaboration in digital inclusion. Moderator: Paula Novo (General Secretary at
Cynthia A. Wright (Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE)
Esther Torres (Account Manager Innotec)
Cristina Bentué (Continuum Security)
Silvia López (Expert in IT business development)
Concepción Cordón (Head of Risk Management at EMASA)

6 June 2017

Time Presentation Speakers
9:30 Keynote Dafne Sabanes Plou
Association for Progressive Communications – APC
10:00 Panel 4: Gender-based crimes in the network: enhancing protection for a more secure digital world Moderator: Elvira Tejada (National Coordinator of the Public Prosecutor's Office for Computer Crime)
José Antonio Burriel (President of the Association No Más Violencia de Género “José Antonio Burriel”)
Carlos Yuste (Central Office for Computer Security- UIT)
Juan A. Rodríguez (‎Head of Dpt. for Computer Crimes- Central Operational Unit- UCO)
Carolina Alvarez (Director of the Legal Department at "Asoc. Stop Violencia de Género Digital")
11:00 Digital forensic autopsy and false evidence workshop Bruno Pérez
Legal Expert
11:30 Coffee Break  
12:00 Panel 5: Initiatives to identify risks, opportunities
for the development of improvements and awareness about gender diversity and cybersecurity. A glimpse into the future.
Moderator: María de Miguel de Santos (Technical Advisor at SESIAD)
Lucía Cerón Hernández (Director of Instituto de la Mujer y para la Igualdad de Oportunidades)
Rosa Díaz (‎CEO at Panda Security)
Eduvigis Ortiz (Global Alliances and Innovation Director for Cybersecurity at Prosegur)
Fabiano Finamore (Country Manager, IBERIA FORCEPOINT)
13:00 Final Conclusions of the Working Groups  
14:00 Cibercooperante de Honor for Elsa Punset
Closing Act
Elsa Punset (Writer and philosopher)
Alberto Hernández (Director of INCIBE)

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