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What is INCIBE

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute, S.A. (INCIBE) is an organisation dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Business, the Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda (SESIAD), and is the benchmark institution with regard to the development of cybersecurity, and of digital trust for the general public, for RedIRIS (the Spanish academic and research network), and for businesses, especially sectors of strategic importance.

As a centre of excellence, INCIBE is a service offered by the Spanish Government to work towards the development of cybersecurity as an instrument for social transformation and for developing new fields of innovation. To this end, with its activities focused on research, the provision of services, and cooperation with the relevant actors, INCIBE heads a range of initiatives directed at cybersecurity at both a national and an international level.

The Security and Industry CERT, Computer Emergency Response Team of cybersecurity operated by INCIBE, works to enhance the detection and early warning of new threats, responses to and analyses of information security incidents, and the design of preventative measures to address the needs of society at large and, by virtue of a joint working agreement signed by the Secretaria de Estado de Seguridad (Secretary of State for Security) and SESIAD, to the security needs of critical infrastructures and the support in cybercrime research.


INCIBE’s mission is to strengthen cybersecurity, trust, and the protection of privacy with respect to services offered within the information society, providing value to the public, businesses, the Spanish Government, the Spanish academic and research network, the information technology sector and strategic sectors in general.


INCIBE’s vision is to achieve its objectives through:

  • The diligence of professionals, highly qualified and committed to their projects, and capable of continuously creating value and innovation.
  • Creating a more dynamic ICT sector, from a perspective of equal opportunities, creating new business and opportunities for clients, suppliers and professionals.
  • Support for the general public, government bodies, and RedIRIS, along with affiliated institutions, key for developing new technologies of high social value.
  • Generating cybersecurity intelligence as a necessary lever for the development of the technology and knowledge to be applied in the form of new tools and strategies.


INCIBE promotes the following values:

  • Transparency with respect to society in general and those working in the field of cybersecurity in particular.
  • Striving for excellence, both in terms of the aptitude and attitude displayed by its professionals, and in projects carried out.
  • vocation to public service.
  • The preservation of a spirit of innovation and a striving for excellence in the implementation of projects, maximising the value they provide.
  • Sustainability as a core ethic and performance criterion in terms of economic, social and environmental concerns.
  • spirit of integration and cooperation with all the relevant actors in the field of cybersecurity, strengthening capabilities in relation to security on a national scale.