How do we operate

INCIBE, as a flagship body in respect of continuous improvement, holds two current certificates corresponding to information security management systems and the quality of services provided.

AENOR.Producto Certificado

In December 2012, INCIBE renewed its certification under the ISO 27001:2007 standard, ratifying its commitment to information security and continuing improvements in this field.

INCIBE’s own strategy requires adequate security measures permitting it to carry out its main function, encouraging confidence in digital systems and cyber-security in the Information Society.


AENOR.Producto Certificado

In 2010, INCIBE achieved certification under ISO 9001:2008, which confirms that its Quality Control System complies with the requirements of this standard. This means that its system policy is in conformity with corporate processes and activities and that there is continuing follow-up of established indicators and objectives. Furthermore, as a holder of this certificate INCIBE has achieved recognition of its quality management of the services it provides, both within Spain and internationally. This is because AENOR is a member of the IQNet international certification network and thus issues an IQNet diploma jointly with the Spanish certificate of registration of the organization, which confers an international character on the recognition.