Functions ECCC

European Cybersecurity Competence Centre

  • Developing industrial, technological and research capacities, resources and infrastructures in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Contributing to the broad deployment of the latest cybersecurity technology, in particular by developing or supporting the acquisition of products and solutions.
  • Providing financial support and technical assistance to cybersecurity start-ups by helping to connect them to potential markets and attract investment.
  • Supporting the cybersecurity sector, in particular SMEs, in order to enhance EU excellence, capabilities and competitiveness.
  • Supporting research and innovation according to a comprehensive state-of-the-art cybersecurity capabilities programme.
  • Promoting civil-defence cooperation on dual-use technologies and applications and enhancing civil-defence synergies in relation to the European Defence Fund.
  • Supporting the market uptake of cybersecurity products, services and processes that contribute to the ECCC mission.
  • Ensuring synergies between and cooperation with EU institutions, bodies and agencies, in particular ENISA.
  • Coordinating the NCCs through the network and ensuring regular exchange of expertise.
  • Providing industrial, technological and research expertise in cybersecurity to Member States upon request, including public procurement and technology deployment.
  • Promoting the exchange of expertise among all relevant stakeholders, in particular Community members.
  • Promoting the use of the results of research and innovation projects, in particular those conducted by SMEs and those using open source software, avoiding fragmentation and duplication of efforts.