National Coordination Centre in Spain

The functions of the INCIBE NCC-ES include:

  • Acting as a national contact point for the Cybersecurity Competence Community to support the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) in its mission.
  • Providing expertise at a national and regional level on specific cybersecurity challenges.
  • Supporting the participation of national industry, in particular SMEs and start-ups, civil society, the research community and other stakeholders, in EU cross-border projects.
  • Providing technical assistance for projects managed by the ECCC in relation to its mission and objectives.
  • Establishing synergies with relevant activities at a national, regional and local level, in particular policies set out in national cybersecurity strategies.
  • Implementing specific actions supported by the ECCC, also by providing financial support to third parties.
  • Collaborating in the promotion and dissemination of cybersecurity education programmes, without prejudice to the competences of other national stakeholders or ENISA.
  • Promoting and disseminating the results of the work of the Network, the Community and the Competence Centre at a national, regional or local level.
  • Assessing National applications for membership of the Community.