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Tech Spirit Barcelona

Demo Day and selection of the 3 winning projects

It will be held as part as the Tech Spirit Barcelona event on February 25 at Naturgy Innovahub (Palau de Mar – PIER 01)

  • Demo Day: from 11:00 until 13:30
  • Awards ceremony: 17:30


Ciberemprende is an initiative of the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) aimed at people with entrepreneurial vocation. Its purpose is to attract innovative talent in cybersecurity, holding a competition of entrepreneurial ideas and projects in the seed phase to help them to develop their business ideas or projects.


Objectives of the Incubation Programme

This incubation programme has the following objectives:

  • Promote ideas and innovative technology-based companies in cybersecurity.
  • Support and disseminate the figure of the entrepreneur.
  • Encourage the creation and development of new projects.
  • Promote technological innovation in cybersecurity by promoting the market.

During the programme, participants will receive expert advice from qualified professionals for the implementation of their business projects and the identification of new business opportunities. They will also have access to the most innovative knowledge in cybersecurity and networking opportunities with experts, clients and investors.

Who can apply?

We are looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit in the field of cybersecurity, from universities or other training centers, research institutions, technology centers, companies or anyone with an innovative idea that needs support for the development of their future business project.

The conditions to be admitted in this program are:

  • Be of legal age, resident in Spain and, in the case of teams made up of several people, at least one member of the team must meet both requirements and additionally demonstrate fluency in the Spanish language.
  • To be up to date in the fulfilment of obligations to the Spanish Social Security and Tax Agency.

Ciberemprende 2019 Basis

How to apply?

Doing it is very simple and will be an excellent opportunity for all those entrepreneurs who decide to participate and present their proposal. All you need to do is fill the information below and send it to our e-mail address c i b e r e m p r e n d e a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s.

Required documentation:

  • Affidavit:

    Annexe II: Form of affidavit

  • Accreditation of the identity of the applicant and members of the project team
  • Descriptive presentation of the candidate cybersecurity solution idea or project in which the following questions answered:
    • Problem
    • Solution (Description of the producto or project)
    • Business Model (How you plan to generate income)
    • Potencial market or niche
    • Current situation and plan for the coming months
    • Description of the applicant's and team's capabilities

    Annexe I: Presentation template

If you have any question or doubt about the application process you can email us at c i b e r e m p r e n d e a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s.


A maximum of 30 projects will complete an online training period (40 hours) which will close with an evaluation day in which they will present their projects to an Evaluation Committee made up of renowned experts in cybersecurity, innovation and investment.

As a result, the 10 best-evaluated projects will go on to a face-to-face training phase (20 hours; 2 weeks in León) and will receive an economic endowment of 1,800 Euros per project. The program will culminate with a Demo Day in which the 3 best ideas or projects will be awarded:

  • 1st prize: 8.000 Euros
  • 2nd prize: 6.000 Euros
  • 3rd prize: 4.000 Euros

Previous editions

Estimated Dates

Milestone Method Date
Registration and reception of proposals Web / email / correo ordinario Until 11 of September 2019
Rectification Period According to the minutes of the Follow-up Commission 20 September 2019
Project assessment of ideas or projects Virtual 23 September 2019
Trainig for a maximum of 30 finalist ideas or projects (40h) Virtual

Until 21 October 2019

Presentation of the 30 finalist projects and selection of the best 10 projects Presencial 23 October 2019
On-site training for the 10 best projects (20 h) Presencial Until 7 February 2020
Demo Day and selection of the 3 winning projects Presencial Until 28 de February 2020


If you have any questions or want more information, you can contact us through the following email address: c i b e r e m p r e n d e a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s

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