ECSC 2015

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Lucerne (Switzerland)

On October 21 and 22, the best young European cybersecurity talents met in Switzerland to infiltrate and protect computer systems and to discover cybercriminal infractions. It seems the plot of a movie, but in fact, it was the final of the ECSC competition.

These young hackers had to discover vulnerabilities in web application security, decrypt encrypted documents or gain access to a protected system to prevent cybercriminals from arriving first and exploiting it. However, technical skills were only one side of the coin; interpersonal skills, such as the ability to work in a team or the presentation style, were equally important in achieving success.

Spanish team

The Spanish team was formed by the ten best young talents in Spain in cybersecurity, selected after their participation in the CyberCamp 2014 CTF. INCIBE, as part of the organizing committee, trained the participants in soft skills, as well as in technical skills. The methodology was based on ethical hacking, including topics such as web security, cryptography, reverse engineering, forensic analysis, safe development and penetration tests.

On this occasion, our Spanish team took the fourth position..

Selección nacional 2015

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