Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp 2020

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) and the Organization of American States (OAS), annually organise the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp, an international specialized cybersecurity training programme aimed at

  • Policy Makers: staff of regulatory or legislative bodies working in areas related to the legal and regulatory aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies: members of Law Enforcement Agencies working in operational units related to cybersecurity.
  • Prosecuting Authorities, Judges and Magistrates: active staff working in the judiciary or the criminal bar, government legal service, civil servants working in the Justice Administration.
  • Technical specialists from CERTs and CSIRTs.

Due to the circumstances derived from the global health situation, this year the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp will take place from 20 to 30 July 2020 online.


International Cybersecurity Training

International Cybersecurity Training



Increasing the cybersecurity capabilities of participants and encouraging the development of a Global Network of Cybersecurity Experts.

Target audiences

Target audiences

Policy Makers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Magistrates, Judges and Prosecutors, and Cyber Incident Response Center specialists.

Languages classes SP./ENG.

Languages classes SP./ENG./FR./PT.

Practical approach

Online courses


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Dossier Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp 2020 
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This year’s edition will be offering:

  • 4 online seminars: two-hour sessions in the afternoon. Each session consists of an international keynote and a panel discussion with simultaneous translation (English / Spanish / French / Portuguese).
  • 2 Open sessions so that all cybersecurity professionals can participate in this joint initiative of the OAS and INCIBE.

Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp: a well-established and broad scope event

This year we will hosting the fifth edition of the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp, which has already established itself as a unique and internationally reference event with a clear commitment to offer cutting-edge training in cybersecurity and which aims to continue growing.

During this time, more than 1,100 people from more than 55 different countries have been trained.

Throughout these editions, both the training offered and complementary activities have been expanded.

High level of satisfaction among the attendees of the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp

The participants of the Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp have expressed great satisfaction with the program, which has met their expectations and have highlighted the great practical application of the acquired knowledge for the performance in their jobs.

This implies, on the organization’s side, a strong commitment to the attendees by directing the targets to improve each year, with the aim of offering the best training and experience.

Organised by:

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation INCIBE OAS - Organization os American States

With the collaboration of:

University of León University of León