Computer bot blocks online foreigners' appointments for sale

The Spanish National Police has dismantled a scheme that blocked the system of online appointments for foreigners by means of a computer bot, with the aim of reselling them later, in exchange for a financial consideration ranging between 30 and 200 euros, despite the fact that the procedure was free of charge.

The computer bot developed by the criminal network had the ability to bypass the security mechanisms installed on the online dating website. On the other hand, the leaders of the organisation instructed the intermediaries to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection, the purpose of which was to hide the real IP address and thus gain access to a greater number of appointments.

The investigation, coordinated by agents of the Central Unit for Illegal Immigration Networks and Documentary Falsifications (UCRIF in Spanish) of the Spanish National Police, has led to the identification of 94 people allegedly involved in the criminal organisation, 69 of whom have been arrested and another 25 investigated. Those arrested are allegedly responsible for the crimes of belonging to a criminal organisation and computer damage.


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