The FBI warns of a possible hack to ATMs worldwide

Kerbs on Security says in his blog that the FBI has alerted financial institutions around the world about a supposed ATM hacking that could carried out soon

The attackers would be in charge of hacking a bank or a payment card processor using malware, with the objective of getting total control to modify the removable money limits, to change balances or disable any security protocol. Subsequently, they would use cards cloned in ATMs that would allow them to withdraw large amounts of money.

In addition, the FBI has reported that these attacks could occur during the weekends, in order to the bank are closed and has called them to review their security measures and apply those that are needed to prevent this type of attacks.

On August 14, a bank in India reported that hackers had stolen almost $2 million in bank transfers and $11.5 million in ATM withdrawals. It is believed that the alleged attack could be related with the notice of FBI.


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