México buys Pegasus, a spy software

In a press event, Enrique Peña Nieto, president of Mexico, has acknowledged the acquisition by his government of software called Pegasus dedicated to cyberspace, which is installed in the device after the victim accesses a page received by SMS, and after that, the attacker could access the files of the device such as photographs, messages and contact list, in addition to being able to activate the microphone and camera of the device without the victim realizes.

This software, developed by an Israeli manufacturer called the NSO Group, is only intended for sale to governments and on the condition that it be used against terrorists and criminals.

On the other hand, the Mexican government declares that it will use the tool against those who make false accusations about its government.

According to TheNewYorkTimes, some of the surveillance has already been effective against human rights defenders, journalists, anti-corruption activists, government opponents and others, thus violating the NSO Group's condition to use malware against criminals, terrorists, and in the case of Mexico, of drug traffickers. These allegations are not confirmed, because the software leaves no trace of having been used.

Update 10/07/2017:A NSO Group company’s spokesman has contacted to Forbes magazine to report its dismay after Mexico's misuse of its product. Spyware is aimed for preventing crime and safeguarding the safety of citizens of the country that acquires it. The company reiterates that if the allegations are true, Mexico has violated the software purchase agreement and company policies.