Unauthorised access to the Capcom group's IT network

One section of the Capcom group’s IT network, a Japanese company dedicated to developing and distributing video games, has suffered a cyber security incident that affected the correct access to some systems, such as their mail and file servers.

The group has confirmed that the incident, detected on 2 November, was due to unauthorised access by a third party. At that time, some operations on its internal network were stopped, without affecting online game connections or access to its corporate website.

Capcom currently has an ongoing investigation and is taking steps to restore its systems. At the same time, it has confirmed that its customer data has not been affected so far.

[Update 18/11/2020] Capcom has confirmed that the cyber attack was a custom ransomware and certain personal details of former employees, employees, partners and customers, as well as corporate information, have been compromised. These data include: names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, gender, shareholder numbers, photographs and sales documents, among others. Under no circumstances, there are any credit card details. Currently, although the investigation is still ongoing, all the company's operations are already in place.

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