Wikileaks filters the CIA's cyberespionage program details

Wikileaks has begun to publish under the title "Vault 7" material relative to the supposed program of cybersespionage of the CIA, which describes sophisticated software tools and advanced techniques used by the agency to take control among devices such mobile phones, home routers, computers and even smart TVs connected to the Internet. The first part of the publication called "Year Zero" is made up of thousands of documents supposedly elaborated by the EDG (Engineering Development Group) which show the technical details of these tools that could spy the communications and that includes the malware, The "zero day" exploits and other tools to avoid the security measures or the systems antivirus and being able to perform the espionage and obtain the desired information.

Update 31/03/2017: During March Wkileaks has published "Dark Matter" and "Marble Framework", showing the technical aspects of several cyber-tools used by the CIA to infect Apple devices or deploy sophisticated anti-forensic techniques.

Update 28/04/2017: Throughout the month of April Wkileaks has published "Grasshopper", "Hive", "Weeping Angel" and "Scribbles", with technical information of several tools that would have allowed the agency, among others activities, to execute cyberespionage actions and deployment of botnets on Windows systems or even the tracking of own documentation in search of data leaks.

Update 31/05/2017: During May Wikileaks published “Archimedes”, “AfterMidnight” and “Athena”, these posts show technical details of cyber-weapons used to, among other actions, manipulate and spy traffic within a LAN or obtain remote control over Windows computers.

Update 31/07/2017: Throughout the month of July Wikileaks published the deliveries BothanSpy, Highrise, UCL / Raytheon and Imperial in which they are detailed tools like a "RootKit" for computers of Apple, a trojan also oriented to operating systems OS X, documents that detail attack vectors that can be used by future malware, and project documents that are intended to steal SSH communications credentials as well as spy traffic on those connections.


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