Guide for an asset inventory management in industrial control systems

Posted date 12/03/2020

This guide sets out the steps necessary and main recommendations for conducting an asset inventory in industrial networks. To do this, various possible methods are addressed, and their different characteristics are reviewed.

This seeks to raise awareness of the importance of the asset inventory as a first step in securing industrial control systems, since it makes it possible to know all the organisation’s assets involved in the process and their respective scopes. Without this knowledge, we will struggle to take the most appropriate decisions and measures to secure our organisation.

It also offers a classification of the different types of assets that may be found when conducting this task and a set of tools, both open source and proprietary, that may be used.

The document is divided into:

  • Introduction to asset inventory.
  • Advantages of an asset inventory. Types of inventories and implementations.
  • Asset management: classification and information about each asset.
  • Classification of tools for the asset inventory.  
  • Steps to create an asset inventory in ICSs.
  • How to perform inventory maintenance.
  • Conclusions.