Security guide for Industrial Protocols - Smart Grid

Posted date 03/03/2017

This guide describes some of the specific protocols used in Smart Grid at European level. IIt offers the reader different alternatives to complement the security of each protocol and more specific alternatives to strengthen protocol's weaknesses.

Since the beginning of this 21st century, electricity companies have modernize its demand and consumption grid. The basis of the modification of the electrical grid arises in "20-20-20 objective" at European level. For this purpose, an Advanced Metering Infrastructure supported in a new communications network had to be created.

This study presents a protocols guide oriented exclusively to the electric environment, and more specifically to the part of the same known as Smart Grid, that ranges from the control centres to the clients of the electric lines, with special mention to those used massively in Spain: Prime, DLMS / COSEM and Meters & More. Among the contents covered by the study, the cybersecurity features of protocols and recommendations to implement them in smart grid settings are highlighted.