Catalog and knowledge map of cybersecurity research

image catalog and knowledge map of cybersecurity research


The Network of excellence on cybersecurity R&D&i (RENIC) has updated the catalog of research agents, obtaining as a result a new cybersecurity research map with updated information not only regarding centres, teams and their members, but also their projects and research lines.

If you need to register a new cybersecurity investigation centre, or want to ask for any data modification, you will need to follow the instructions indicated on its website.

The “Catalog and knowledge map of cybersecurity research” (2017 edition with information compiled at the end of 2016) details exhaustively, the characteristics of the various centers of public and private research whose research lines are focused on totally or partially on cybersecurity.

The document consists on a catalog sheets, with a tab for each research center, containing information on contact details, objectives and activities of the center, its main topics or research lines, relevant projects launched as well as main results obtained as a result of its research activity.

This catalog allows cybersecurity industry (through representatives of the Industry such as the National Cybersecurity Cluster), as well as research centers, benefit from its content, by promoting communication and cooperation between science and industry, the identification of expert and more relevant researchers to every need and therefore encouraging the transference of knowledge and national research talent within cybersecurity sector.

The methodology followed involves analysis of documentary sources, as well as an comprehensive surveying those responsible for research centers to complete and contrast the information gathered.

This catalog is motivated by the study published in 2015 by INCIBE in collaboration with the national ecosystem of research and innovation on Cybersecurity and some international stakeholders (feasibility study, opportunity and design of a network of centers of excellence R & D in cybersecurity) conducted in order to understand the context and dynamics under which R&D&i in cybersecurity in Spain is performed, concluding with the suitability of creating a Spanish Network of Excellence on Cybersecurity Research of this kind. As a conclusion of that study, it was detected the need for reports and studies to characterize the R&D&i in cybersecurity in Spain.