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Online child sexual abuse and exploitation is a reality. It may be difficult to accept, but any child can be a victim in any of its multiple forms. Therefore, the involvement of families, schools and society as a whole is essential in understanding, preventing, reducing and dealing with this type of risks.

Understanding online child sexual abuse and exploitation

Youth against online sexual abuse

Families involvement in detecting and reacting to an abuse

Fighting against sexual abuse from the classroom

About the #StopChildAbuse campaign

4NSEEK Project

4NSEEK, Forensic Against Sexual Exploitation of Children, is a project co-financed by the European Union (UE) through the financing program Internal Security Fund – Police, aimed to promote international police cooperation with the use of common forensic tools and procedures, offering advanced training in this field, improving the capabilities of the specialized forensic tool ‘4NSEEK’ for child sexual abuse material, and raising awareness to detect and prevent online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The working group of experts

To broaden perspective about these complex situations, a working group of experts was constituted, including both professionals from the 4NSEEK partnership, and professionals from other reference entities in this field. The contributions from this working group of experts have been essential for the development of the #StopChildAbuse awareness campaign. The entities participating in the working group are:

Youth participation

The 4NSEEK working group of experts considered useful to count with the youth perspective when designing the awareness campaign. Therefore, we are grateful for the collaboration of the Youth Panels from Spain and Portugal in the definition of the awareness materials targeted to youth in the #StopChildAbuse campaign. The entities that have collaborated to facilitate the youth participation are:

Campaign developed by:

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