Career guidance in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an attractive and interesting career option. In a sector with 1% unemployment at the European level - according to the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study, prepared by (ISC)2 - many positively consider having a career in cybersecurity.

INCIBE has prepared the infographic "How to become a cyber security professional" that presents 5 tips that form a map to begin a career in the sector: training, creation of community and participation in events, obtaining security certifications, participation in cybersecurity and self-learning challenges and competitions.

Download infographic (Spanish PDF)

INCIBE promotes other initiatives to encourage and inspire cybersecurity talent in Spain. Noteworthy events are CyberCamp (the big annual cybersecurity event for identifying and managing cybersecurity talent) or Summer BootCamp (a free training and instruction initiative in technical aspects in cybersecurity for specialists in CERTs, Cybersecurity Law Enforcement Authorities and Policy Makers). They also impart free online cybersecurity training courses and award research grants.

The initiatives developed by INCIBE are complemented by programmes promoting cybersecurity entrepreneurship such as Ciberemprende or Cybersecurity Ventures. INCIBE has a public YouTube channel available where more than 500 videos are available to learn about cybersecurity, as well as technical, training and professional conferences and videos.