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Cybersecurity Highlights

Ransomware attack on MCNA Dental results in 9 million personal data breaches

Posted on 29/05/2023
Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental, one of the largest providers of oral health insurance and dental care in the US, has posted a data breach notification on its website, informing nearly 9 million patients that their personal data has been compromised.

Barracuda Networks identified a vulnerability in the Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliance

Posted on 23/05/2023
Barracuda Networks, a company known for its email and network security solutions, identified on 19 May a vulnerability in the Barracuda Email Security Gateway (ESG), located in a module that primarily scans incoming email attachments.

Computer bot blocks online foreigners' appointments for sale

Posted on 12/05/2023
The Spanish National Police has dismantled a scheme that blocked the system of online appointments for foreigners by means of a computer bot, with the aim of reselling them later, in exchange for a financial consideration ranging between 30 and 200 euros, despite the fact that the procedure was free of charge.