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News posted on 16/02/2024
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Blog posted on 15/02/2024

The industrial environment, especially the energy sector, is one of sectors that is suffering the most from cyber-attacks. This trend has been increasing in recent years, as this is one of the most information-sensitive sectors and can cause major problems, both economically and socially.

One of the best examples of malware attacks is BlackEnergy. This malware became known for being able to compromise several electricity distributors on 23 December 2015, causing households in the Ivano-Frankvisk region of Ukraine (a population of around 1.5 million) to be without electricity.

For this reason, due to seriousness of this type of cyberattacks, it is necessary to continue researching and investing in industrial cybersecurity, to reduce the damage caused by this type of cyber-attack in industrial environments.

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News posted on 13/02/2024
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Blog posted on 18/01/2024

Article summarizing the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) alerts published during the year 2023 on the INCIBE-CERT website, with emphasis on different indicators, such as criticality, type of attack, etc.

The motivation is to give the published notices an added value, in order to compile the information of the whole year as a logbook. In addition, this type of article was well received in previous years, showing in several talks the graphs of the article to argue the exponential growth of vulnerabilities in ICS.


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Blog posted on 28/12/2023

Second part of the Top 20 mitigations for industrial environments. This part will focus on mitigations related to network architecture, industrial protocols, network configuration and vulnerability scanning.

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Blog posted on 21/12/2023

In the industrial world, there are a large number of systems, equipment, networks, areas, ducts, cloud environments, IT-OT environments, etc. In recent years, the number of attacks on industrial environments has been growing exponentially, and not only on purely industrial environments, but also on corporate environments that are connected to industrial environments. These IT environments being access points for attackers due to this IT/OT connectivity.

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