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RECOVER: the capacity of organizations to restore their services following a cyber-attack

Posted on 07/10/2021, by
CII recover goal
It is necessary to protect the main business processes through a set of tasks that allow the organisation to recover from a major incident in a timeframe that does not compromise the continuity of its services. This ensures a planned response to any security breach.

Threat analysis study: Anatsa

Posted on 05/07/2021, by
image of threat studies
Anatsa is a banking Trojan designed for Android devices that has become particularly relevant since its discovery in January 2021. Throughout the study, a detailed technical analysis of the threat is carried out using a sample of the malicious code in question to show how this malware behaves and the possibilities it offers.

Control of multicast requests in the IEC 61850 standard

Posted on 27/05/2021, by
control of multicast requests in the IEC 61850 standard
In previous articles an introduction was given to the 61850 regulation and the different protocols of which it consists. As explained in those articles, the GOOSE and SV (Sample Values) protocols, included in the standard, use multicast frames. Security is very difficult to implement in this type of frame, but there are a number of measures that make possible to raise the security level.

Technologies shaping the electricity grid of the future

Posted on 29/04/2021, by
technologies shaping the electricity grid of the future
In recent years we have witnessed the evolution of the electrical grid and the development of new technologies produce what we know today as the smart grid. This evolution continues to this day and the trend seems to point to greater interconnection between end consumers and the grid, which increases possible attack vectors. Over the course of this article, we shall see the security measures that will be used in the electrical grid of the future.