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Blog publicado el 10/08/2023

Within the industrial world, systems can be detected that do not have all their cybersecurity capabilities activated. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but if detected, each case must be analyzed to get the most out of each device. 
The ability to robustly configure programs, services or other nuances within industrial systems is called bastioning and allows, among other things, to prevent assets from having a large exposure to the network or the solutions deployed in the system from having vulnerabilities resulting from misconfiguration.
In this article, we will begin by explaining what hardening is and how to apply it to our industrial network, along with some good practices to follow.

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Noticia publicada el 14/07/2023
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Blog publicado el 13/07/2023

When a security incident occurs in an ICS (Industrial Control System), depending on its severity, it can generate a serious problem, both at a productive and economic level, as well as in the security of the people working in the industrial system.
Therefore, in this first article of a series on this subject, we will explain precisely the recovery plans, some general guidelines for their development and some conclusions on the use and applicability of these plans.

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Noticia publicada el 05/07/2023