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The S.M.E. Spanish National Cybersecurity (INCIBE), M.P., S.A., is an institution dependant of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation through the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, is the entity of reference for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust in the private sector.

Our initiatives are designed and developed to meet the specific needs of specific audiences, such as:

  • Citizens: Through different activities, the Internet Security Office (OSI, as per the Spanish acronym) provides information and support to end users to avoid and solve security problems that may arise when surfing the Internet, especially in their first steps in new technologies. Of particular interest in this field are minors, young people, families, educators and professionals that work with minors. Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K) is the Centre for Internet Security for minors in Spain or for Kids and aims at fostering the safe and responsible use of the Internet and new technologies among children and teenagers. It is part of the pan-European INSAFE network of Internet Safety Centres and is co-funded by the European Commission.
  • Companies and professionals who use ICTs: through Protect your Company companies and organisations have access to preventive and reactive support in the field of information and communication technology security in order to make the most of the possibilities of ICTs in a safe and reliable way. INCIBE pays special attention to the protection of strategic sectors, which are essential for the economy and society, as well as the institutions affiliated to RedIRIS.
  • Cybersecurity industry: INCIBE develops different initiatives for the development and internationalisation of the Spanish cybersecurity industry with programmes such as INCIBE Emprende (Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship) , the Innovative Public Procurement strategy or the Hacker Academy among others.

The Institute's activities include INCIBE-CERT the security incident response centre of reference for citizens and private entities in Spain. In the case of incident management affecting critical private sector operators, INCIBE-CERT is operated jointly by INCIBE and OCC, the Ministry of the Interior's Cybersecurity Coordination Office.

Horizon 2025

The development of Artificial Intelligence, 5G and other enabling technologies are generating an exponential deepening of digitalisation and its expected socio-economic impact, as well as a widening of the risk surface for digital security. Expanding or building capacities (both technical and human) in cybersecurity is key to being able to incorporate the opportunities of digitalisation while minimising the associated risks.

In this global scenario, the Government of Spain presented in July 2020 the Spain Digital 2025 agenda: a logbook for the country's digital transformation to optimise the socio-economic benefits of digitalisation while minimising the associated risks. This digital agenda is developed through 10 strategic axes, the fourth of which is cybersecurity. INCIBE aligns its activity with this agenda and with the objectives and goals it pursues, together with the strategic body of National Security:

INCIBE’s Strategic Plan

2023-2025 Multiannual Strategic Plan

This plan arises from the need to adapt the organisation's planning to the current strategic framework of the new Digital Spain 2026 agenda and to the execution and implementation of INCIBE's commitments as established in the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR).

The aim is to review and update the contents of the previous MSP 2021-2025 in order to harmonise the work and actions carried out in the past by INCIBE with the commitments established by the Spanish government through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM).

This plan identifies the following as strategic targets:

  1. Strengthening the cybersecurity of citizens, SMEs and professionals.
  2. Boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the cybersecurity sector.
  3. Stimulating Spain as an international node in the field of cybersecurity.

Portada 2023-2025 Multiannual Strategic Plan

Download the 2023-2025 Multiannual Strategic Plan (Spanish PDF)

The execution of this plan has a governance model, which constitutes a tool that allows the correct management of actions foreseen in the MSP 2023-2025 through the correct management of the control, monitoring and evaluation actions of the activities foreseen in this timeframe, together with the review of the levels of coordination in INCIBE's organisational structure and the mechanisms for the correct coordination and operational alignment.

Model of governance (Spanish PDF)

2021-2025 Strategic Plan and annual results 2021 and 2022

The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan is aligned with the Digital Spain 2026 Agenda and the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience in order to meet the commitments made.

Download INCIBE’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and annual results 2021 and 2022 (Spanish PDF)

2017-2020 Strategic Plan

Download INCIBE’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan (Spanish PDF)


INCIBE’s Activity Plan

The annual activity plans include the actions that INCIBE develops for each of the years of the plan:

INCIBE’s 2023 Activity Plan

INCIBE’s 2023 Activity Plan

Download INCIBE’s 2023 Activity Plan (Spanish PDF)

INCIBE’s Cybersecurity Balances

Cybersecurity Balance 2022

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