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What we do

INCIBE's activity

INCIBE’s activity is founded on three fundamental pillars: service delivery, research, and coordination

  • Services: INCIBE fosters services in the cybersecurity field which allow the beneficial use of ICTs and raise the level of digital trust. Specifically, INCIBE works for the user’s protection and privacy, promoting mechanisms for the prevention of and reaction to data security incidents, minimising their impact where they occur, and promoting advances in the culture of data security through training and the raising of awareness.
  • Research: INCIBE disposes of a great ability to address a range of complex projects of an innovative nature. The dynamic of its operations is oriented towards research, which permits INCIBE the ability to generate a level of cybersecurity intelligence in its operations in the field of new technologies, which in turn results in improved services.
  • Coordination: INCIBE participates in partnership networks, which means that its operations in the field of cybersecurity are immediate, global and effective, as well as permitting it a perspective based on experience and the exchange of information. For this reason, the coordination and collaboration with other entities, of both a public and a private character, national and international, throughout the broader field of cybersecurity, is an essential element of INCIBE’s activity.

Our initiatives are designed and developed to meet the concrete needs of specific groups, namely:

  • Businesses and professionals who make use of ICTs: these entities have at their disposition preventative and reactive support in relation to information and communication technology security, so as to be able to make the most of ICTs safely and securely. INCIBE places special emphasis on the protection of those sectors of strategic and fundamental economic importance, as well as those institutions affiliated to the Spanish academic and research network RedIRIS.
  • Expertise in cybersecurity: through its team of cybersecurity specialists, INCIBE provides information and response services to expert collectives and professionals so as to raise levels of cybersecurity in Spain.
  • The general public: OSI, the Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta (Internet User’s Security Office), is a free service which facilitates information and support to end-users, with the aim of mitigating and resolving the security problems that arise when they are online, above all in their first steps with new technologies.

In its day-to-day activity, INCIBE bases itself on the following strengths:

  • A field of operations in its responses to security incidents which ranges from individual members of the general public to the corporate sector (especially strategic sectors and critical infrastructures), as well as RedIRIS.
  • Concrete and collaborative public-private policy initiatives to raise cybersecurity levels in Spain.
  • The follow-up and review of emergent risks, so as to be able to anticipate needs, adopt pre-emptive measures and have recourse to early warning mechanisms.
  • Coordination with key players in the field of cybersecurity at an international level.

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