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European projects participation

The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) participates in European projects for the generation of tools or provision of services aligned with the strategic lines of activity of the entity, focused of its target audiences.

It is also INCIBE's mission to support and promote the national cybersecurity sector. For this reason, INCIBE supports those cybersecurity projects in European competitive calls led or participated by Spanish entities.

Project participation roles

INCIBE's European cybersecurity projects participation can take different roles depending on their involvement:

  • Coordinator or project leader: In those projects highly linked to INCIBE's business lines and with a marked strategic interest.
  • Beneficiary. Acting mainly as a reference actor in cybersecurity or as an end user mainly in Work Packages related to the definition of requirements, experimentation of the technological solution, or in the dissemination of project activities and results.
  • Advisor. Providing expert vision to guide project activities through reviews and recommendations of the deliverables produced.
  • Institutional support. In those projects considered of interest for the national cybersecurity sector, the agents responsible for cybersecurity or for society in general.

Active European projects


2021 - 02/2022


The project Safer Internet Centre Spain 2.0 (SIC-SPAIN 2.0) is a continuation of the SIC-SPAIN project with the same three objectives: awareness raising, helpline and reporting channel for dangerous content. With regard to the first of these, the public-private collaboration platform to promote the safe use of the Internet has been extended. The operations of the helpline, as well as the hotline, will guide the design of specific awareness campaigns that will contribute to the capacity building of the European Strategy: Better Internet for Kids (BIK).

DISRUPTIVE2019 - 09/2022


DISRUPTIVE is a Spain-Portugal cross-border cooperation project that seeks to improve research and innovation (R&D) infrastructures and the ability to develop excellence in R&D, and the promotion of competence centers, especially those of European interest.

Previous European projects

4nseek2019 - 2021


Forensic Against Sexual Exploitation of Children.

4NSEEK encourages international police cooperation in the fight against child sexual abuse and the distribution of its contents through the Internet, through training actions of police authorities, awareness and dissemination for children and adolescents, parents and educators as well as technological development of forensic tools for obtaining digital evidence.

SIC-SPAIN2019 - 2020


Safer Internet Centre Spain

The SIC-SPAIN project continues and extends the service provided by Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K). It promotes the safe and responsible use of the Internet and new technologies among children and adolescents. In line with the European BIK (Better Internet for Kids) strategy, is part of the pan-European network INSAFE of Internet Safety Centers.

CERT-C3IS2018 - 2020


Strengthening Spanish INCIBE-CERT capacities for enhancing Cooperation and Intelligence Sharing in EU.

CERT-C3IS improves CERT capacities of CERTSI (especially CERT and intelligence capabilities) to strength better services to INCIBE-CERT constituency, and to enforce cooperation and coordination with other EU CERTS, through the cooperation mechanisms provided by the Cybersecurity Core Service Platform (CSP).

Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K)2016 - 2019

Internet Segura for Kids (IS4K)

Internet Security Center for children in Spain promotes the safe and responsible use of the Internet and new technologies among children and adolescents. In line with the European BIK (Better Internet for Kids) strategy, is part of the pan-European network INSAFE of Internet Safety Centers.

Website IS4K

European Network for Cyber Security (NECS)2015 - 2019
(Associated Partner)

European Network for Cyber Security (NECS)

NECS addresses the training and development of a European talent pool to help implement and support the European Cyber-security strategy as highlighted in the EC’s Digital Agenda.

Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC)2013 - 2015

Advanced Cyber Defence Centre (ACDC)

Is a complete set of solutions accessible online to mitigate on-going attacks and targeted both to end-users and to network operators. It also consolidates the data provided by various stakeholders (such as CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Team), LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) or ISPs (Internet Service Provider)) into a pool of knowledge, accessible through the ACDC central clearing house.

SCADA LAB2012 - 2014


Coordinated by INCIBE with the objective of analysing the security measures applied in ICS (Industrial Control System) environments through an architecture divided into two main areas:

  • The Test-Bed Area is the target of the test, implemented as close as possible to a production system.
  • The Laboratory Area includes the hardware and software needed to launch a security assessment against a test-bed.
CloudCERT2012 - 2013


An innovative technological solution which aims to bring a secure information sharing testbed framework in order to exercise unified coordination using same communication protocol standards for improving visibility of common threat awareness, vulnerabilities, advisories and alerts specific to CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection)

ASASEC Advisory System Against Sexual Exploitation of Children2011 - 2014


ASASEC is an Innovative technology solution able to improve the technical means in the fight against child sexual abuse around the world.

The main user of this solution is the Technological Investigation Unit of the National Police in Spain. Nevertheless, its design and development facilitate reuse by other international Security Forces.

Collaboration of INCIBE in project proposals

To suggest the participation of INCIBE in European project proposals, it is necessary to send a request to the e-mail address: e u p m o @ i n c i b e . e s, providing the following information:

  • Financing program, call and topic.
  • Project title, description, objectives, scope and duration.
  • Partners and roles.
  • Relationship with the cybersecurity, justification and suitability of the participation of INCIBE.

INCIBE will analyse and evaluate the applications received, answering about the feasibility of the participation in the project.

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For any other questions or additional information please contact us by sending an email to: e u p m o @ i n c i b e . e s