Fernando Becerra Farelo

Fernando Becerra Farelo

Partner at Sinensis Seed Capital SCR & BBooste

Cofounder partner of Business Booster and Sinensis Seed Capital SCR, a seed fund and tech startup accelerator that has invested in 60 startups in Spain and Latam. We are interested in a wide range of business models and sectors like: Fintech, Asurtech, SAAS, Marketplaces, Machine learning and Collaborative models.

Conscious of the lack of digital expertise in the actual workforce, i decided to launch Startup Academy, a very innovative educational program where the student learns by doing providing himself for a deep understanding of the principal methodologies in digitals companies.

I am passionate about learning and nurturing talent, and hold a high standard of business ethics. I feel very comfortable in challenging and uncertainty environment.

Specialties: entrepreneurship, investing and advising internet startups, digital and agile methodologies.