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Entrepreneurship Room

In this new edition of 13ENISE, INCIBE supports entrepreneurs and start-ups, providing them with the necessary knowledge and support to enable and facilitate the growth of existing companies, promoting the development of cybersecurity ideas in early stages, as well as the access to direct investment in trasversal cybersecurity initiatives and new proposals of high scalability and international projection.

For this reason, for the fourth consecutive year, the event will have an entrepreneurship space in which you can learn first-hand the work of the most innovative start-ups in the field of cybersecurity. These emerging companies have integrated the new edition of the acceleration program, Cybersecurity Ventures, which ends with the Demo Day, where they can demonstrate the transformation and maturity they have undergone during the period of training and mentoring received through it.

On the other hand, as a continuation of the new call of the incubation program, Ciberemprende, the 30 best projects selected in the first phase of the programme, will have the opportunity to defend in front of a jury, their business ideas presented in this call.

To finish, and integrated with the purpose of facilitating access to financing for entrepreneurs and start-ups, in this edition, speed dating encounters between investors and emerging companies will be held again, which will allow people with entrepreneurial ideas in cybersecurity to be put in contact with possible investors or partners with experience in launching start-ups and people interested in the proposed topics, who can contribute, in some way, to their development.

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