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Agustín Valencia

Head of OT Global cybersecurity at Iberdrola 

Alberto Urueña

Deputy Director of Studies and Technology Prospective at Red.es

Alex Palazón

Car Security Incident Team Lead at SEAT

Ana Borredá

CEO at Borrmart

Fotografía Beatriz García

Head of Intelligence at INCIBE

Fotografía Berta Balanzategui

Counsel senior of European Privacy and Data Protection at General Electric International

Carlos Alberto Saiz

Vice President at ISMS Forum Spain

Celestino Rey

Product and Solutions Security Officer at Siemens Mobility Spain

Image Concepción Cordón Fuentes

Head of Risk Management at EMASA

Fotografía Daniel Madrid

Associate Director at Gartner 

Daniel Rodríguez

Deputy Director of Institute of Business Communication

Daniel Solís

CEO at  Blueliv

Fotografía David Barroso Berrueta

CEO at CounterCraft

David Moreno

Technology Director at Tendam Retail

Eduvigis Ortiz

Strategic Alliances Leader at SAS