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National Cybersecurity Cluster

It is a proposal led and launched from INCIBE, which was born within the framework of the Digital Agenda for Spain , which established the need to conduct a feasibility study, opportunity and strategic plan to integrate a Technology Pole of cybersecurity to boost the industry and the development of cybersecurity in Spain, thus improving the competitiveness of companies and increasing their sales and profits.

Why is this Techonology HUB necessary?

It arises from the need to promote a Technology HUB that promotes direct foreign investment and that spontaneously gives rise to sectoral concentration, so that its development is sustainable and does not depend permanently on public support in the medium and long term.

What does the Technology HUB pursue?

Among the objectives of the Technology Pole are:

  • Revitalizing the Spanish business fabric of pure ICT cybersecurity players
  • Renew the image of the cybersecurity sector, identifying the actions needed to create a modern image that facilitates the attraction of investment and talent in this area
  • Orient the innovation and commercialization of new products and services to the national and international demand in cybersecurity
  • Improve the positioning and marketing of Spanish industry in cybersecurity
  • To obtain an increase of competitive productive activity at international level of the participants

Who makes up the Technology HUB?

The Technology HUB is composed of a conglomerate of public entities and private companies and SMEs pure players in cybersecurity.

What is the Technology HUB action plan?

From the technological pole, a package of 25 measures has been created and selected to develop and catalog according to the following strategic axes:

  • Strategic axis 1 – Development of the individual future strategy of the companies, including strategic challenges of:
    • Knowledge of the market
    • Intelligence
    • Product innovation
    • Local market development
    • Internationalisation
  • Strategic axis 2 - Dynamisation and networking of the sector
    • Promote knowledge between companies in the sector along the chain and thus facilitate the implementation of joint projects and the development of synergies.
  • Strategic axis 3 - Visibility of the Pole and related companies
    • Define a strategy to increase the visibility of the Technology HUB and through it to increase the visibility and positioning of the industry at an international level.
  • Strategic axis 4 - Promotion, specialization and access to talent
    • The creation of specific profiles in cybersecurity has manifested itself as a challenge and therefore actions can be implemented that will be coordinated with initiatives under development such as Axis V "Program of Excellence in Cybersecurity" of the Digital Confidence Plan or Network of Excellence.
  • Strategic axis 5 - Entrepreneurship and Development of Start-ups
    • Respond to the challenges of supporting the development of Start-ups (definition of business model and access to financing) but also the promotion of entrepreneurship, linked to the better structuring of the innovation system and the identification of business opportunities in cybersecurity.
  • Strategic axis 6 - Structuring of the innovation system
    • This challenge is key to better organize a system that is fragmented and poorly connected to each other and to companies. This axis should be fully aligned and coordinated with the initiative of the Network of Excellence, with the aim of becoming a benchmark in innovation but also seeking a good interrelation between all entities and organizations linked to innovation in cybersecurity to join forces and provide a greater organization to the system.

Therefore, once these current measures have been implemented in the different previous axes, the short-term action plan of the Technology Pole is based on:

  • Work programme to review Horizon 2020 in order to facilitate access to participation by companies in the Technology HUB
  • Excellence Program to identify and develop technological challenges of sophisticated demand with priority focus on industrial and PIC
  • Observatory of trends and new segments in international cybersecurity
  • Target market analysis and definition of new market entry strategies-priority USA and UK
  • Facilitation of working groups for the development of new products and services to new trends, industrial priority, PIC and Open Source

What do I need and how can I be part of the Technology HUB?

The main requirement taken into account to integrate this Cybersecurity Technology Pole is to be a pure player in ICT cybersecurity.