Protect your business

INCIBE’s Protect your business was born with the aim of improving organisations’ cybersecurity using, to that end, a language easily understood by businesses, whose ultimate goal is to raise awareness among employers and employees, mainly SMEs, microenterprises and freelancers, about the importance of protecting both the information and the systems used for their management. To do this, we have made various resources and services available such as the blog, security notices, training services and tools to raise the level of cybersecurity, among others.

In this sense, we must note that the information and the systems that manage it are vital for the proper functioning of any organisation and here at Protect your business by INCIBE, we are aware of the importance of protecting this asset, focusing our efforts on this task by developing applications and services that provide a better understanding in order to mitigate the cyber threats that companies are exposed to every day.

Another very important aspect from a cybersecurity perspective, which we constantly promote in Protect your business, is awareness and training. However, for all that we may invest in technology, if we do not teach users how to properly use digital services, companies will be exposed to all risks affecting the link in the cybersecurity chain that needs the most reinforcement: the employee.

The services we offer in Protect your business, which are all free, are of a wide variety and try to cover the essential aspects of cybersecurity we must bear in mind. Some services that stand out include: the Awareness Kit , which is focused on employees, the goal of which is to raise a company's level of cybersecurity and that has dissemination and awareness-raising materials, all accompanied by a specific plan for their implementation, or the self-diagnosis tool, which is designed to know the state of cybersecurity in the company and what is needed to improve it.

To answer any questions that employers and freelancers may have in matters regarding their company’s cybersecurity, we have a toll-free Help Line (017) available throughout Spain, where a team of experts will help you find the solution to the problem. If you have any questions and would prefer to contact us via email, you may do so by filling out our contact form.

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