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Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp 2019 is over! Thank you for making this event possible



The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), in collaboration with the Organization of American States (OAS), organizes each year the international event Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp, a training program specialized in cybersecurity directed to technicians of Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTs o CSIRTs), officers of the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) who work in units related to cyber safety and the fight against cybercrime, as well as those who work or are interested in the development of national cybersecurity policies.

It is a cost-free high-level training program about cybersecurity that has exclusive content and great practical value for the professionals who attend each year.

General Information

Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp will take place from July 16 to 27, 2019 in Leon, Spain.

The main features are:


International Cybersecurity Training

International Cybersecurity Training



Offer general and advanced training in the latest techniques in the fight against cybercrime, cybersecurity incident management and applicable legislation.

Target audiences

Target audiences

Specialists from Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA), CERTs and Policy Makers.

Languages classes SP./ENG.

Languages classes SP./ENG.

Practical approach

Practical approach



The training consists of the following activities:

  • Workshops: In small groups of a maximum of 30 students. The language will be chosen by the assistant (Spanish or English). The content to be provided is based on practical classes of about 5 hours (about 40 hours of training in total) where students will have a computer to practice and receive advanced training on the latest trends against cybercrime, taught by specialists in this field.
  • Masterclasses: For all groups of students simultaneously, sessions of one hour (about 20 hours of training in total) are given in the speaker's reference language (English / Spanish) where a simultaneous translation service is offered (English / Spanish).
  • Role-play: In small groups of a maximum of 25 students, formed by people from the three tracks, CERTs, LEA and Policy Makers. A cyber exercise is simulated where participants present their points of view and actions that they would carry out.
  • Extra activities: As a complement to the activities described before, additional activities will be carried out aimed at boosting Networking among attendees (lightning talks, leisure activities, etc.).

Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp: Consolidated event of great projection

Next July, 2019, the fourth edition of Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp will take place, consolidating itself as a unique and internationally renowned event that aims to offer cutting-edge training in cybersecurity and aims to continue growing.

In each edition, it is trained on the latest techniques for the fight against cybercrime, the management of cybersecurity incidents and the legislative aspects to be taken into account in all of them, as well as improving coordination in the management of incidents and cybercrimes.

High level of satisfaction among the attendees of the Summer BootCamp

The participants of the last editions of Summer BootCamp have conveyed to us their great satisfaction with the program, affirming that it has fulfilled their expectations. They have also highlighted the great practical application of the knowledge acquired for the performance of their work.

We have a solid commitment with the attendees, guiding our achievements to improve each year with the aim of offering the best training and experience.

Cybersecurity Summer BootCamp 2019 photo gallery

Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp 2019 gallery



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