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In the International Acceleration Programme, Cybersecurity Ventures, we want to help you to grow and achieve your goals.

Are you ready to see your company take off? You can accelerate it INCIBE - Cybersecurity Ventures.


Companies selected to be accelerated in the Cybersecurity Ventures 2020

Logo Analítica de Negocio Avanzada S.L. (Proyecto Brain)
Logo Enthec Solutions S.L. (KARTOS)
Logo eSignus Security Solution S.L. (HASHWallet)
Logo Fraudscore Platform S.L. (Fraudscore)
Logo Elastic Innovation Hub S.L.(Programa Segureskola)
Logo Kenmei Technologies S.L. (LOCAT)
Logo Lex Program Online S.L. (LEX4WEB)
Logo Opticks Security S.L. (Opticks)
Logo Specialized Security Hub, S.L. (TOTALSOC)

Cybersecurity Ventures is an International Acceleration Programme for cybersecurity start-ups, which emerged from the initiative of the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) in collaboration with the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, through the Castile and Leon Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE), and the Leon Institute for Economic Development, Training and Employment (ILDEFE).

Why choose Cybersecurity Ventures?

180 + applications received at INCIBE’s entrepreneurship programmes

80 + accelerated projects

  • Training and mentoring with the best professionals.
  • Networking with investors, Business Angels, Venture Capital, possible partners and potential domestic and international customers
  • 120.000€ in cash prizes
  • 3 3.500€ travel allowances for events or activities within the framework of ICEX and INCIBE actions.
  • Alumni Network
  • Visibility
  • No consideration in Equity or shareholding


How to apply for the programme?

It’s very easy and simple. Don’t miss this great opportunity, hesitate no longer, participate!

Download the 4 attachments, fill them in and email them to v e n t u r e s a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s with a copy of the company’s Tax ID Code and the legal representative’s National ID No.

Cybersecurity Ventures 2020 terms and attachments

Or, if you prefer, also send the documentation by certified mail for the attention of Cybersecurity Ventures to the following address: Av. José Aguado, 41. Edificio INCIBE. 24005, León (Spain)

Who can participate?

Legal persons, microenterprises or SMEs that are legally registered in Spain within no more than 5 years as from the date on which the application is submitted. The date it was registered at Companies House is taken as the registration date.

In the case of companies that are currently being registered, they must submit the application once they are legally registered and at all events before the application deadline.

The projects submitted must seek to develop a business in the cybersecurity sector, with innovative products or services (new or noticeably improved products or services).

Accelerated enterprises

Accelerated enterprises by Cybersecurity Ventures

Objectives of the Acceleration Programme

The acceleration programme, the first edition of which was launched in 2017, aims to:

  • Incentivise the development of new technology-based companies in the cybersecurity sector.
  • Support entrepreneurial talent in maturing their cybersecurity business projects through training, mentoring and networking with investors and entrepreneurial talent.
  • Contribute to the roll-out of the cybersecurity strategy in Spain, linking it to the cybersecurity challenges set out in the Programme.
  • Consider the range of activities promoted by INCIBE as the leading national cybersecurity centre.

FAQs entrepreneurship programmes

Features of the acceleration programme

The acceleration programme undertakes both activities common to all the participating projects and activities specific to each of them.

Said activities are structured as follows:

imagen del programa de aceleración


  • Individualised roadmap: Individualised analysis of each project and jointly setting out a roadmap that will establish the acceleration plan and identify the value creation milestones at the company.
  • Mentoring: Developing the business idea with a mentor who will coordinate the support and guide the project through the acceleration programme. The mentoring sessions will be customised and adapted to the needs of each start-up.
  • Training: Work sessions and training capsules aimed at developing your skills in fields related to your business, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and your personal competencies.
  • Networking: Sessions and events with various types of investors (Business Angels, Venture Capital, Corporate Ventures...).
  • Demo day: A day on which the start-ups will present their business projects.


If you have any queries or would like to know more, you can get in touch with us through the following email address: v e n t u r e s a r r o b a i n c i b e p u n t o e s


Cybersecurity Ventures


Collaborating organisations:


Ayuntamiento de León    Ildefe     ICE. Junta Castilla y León